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Conservative Future: engaging in politics

The largest political organisation of its kind

The largest political organisation of its kind in the UK, Conservative Future (usually known as “CF”) is open to all members of the Party aged under 30.

Our aim is to involve young people like us in politics and the issues that are important to them.

CF holds regular meetings and events throughout the country, giving the 15,000 members a chance to socialise and share and develop ideas.

Here in Richmond Park and North Kingston, CF Members are an important part of the Association, actively supporting local campaigns.

A message to potential CFers

The fact that people, particularly young people, feel ignored by the political process is not a reason to turn away from or ignore it. It’s a reason to get involved, and to change it.

That’s why we became involved in politics – to campaign for a shift towards Direct Democracy so that people have far more say over the issues that matter. It’s also the reason CF exists.

CF is about encouraging and helping young people to join and influence the big local and national debates.

Please do join us and get involved.

Get in touch with the CF team

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