Zac Goldsmith — a moderating voice


Zac Goldsmith represented our community for six years in Parliament. His record of hard work and standing up for our community is plain for all to see, and is exemplary.

As Parliament’s most prominent and active voice for the environment, he has been and will continue to be better placed than anyone to make sure strong EU environmental laws are protected in the UK, and that we deliver a new Clean Air Act to keep our children healthy.

Zac’s last act as an MP was to vote to protect the status of EU nationals living and working in the UK. He was one of just two Conservative MPs to do so.

Zac has consistently been a moderating influence on debates. He will always work constructively with Theresa May to deliver a Brexit that works for our community.

A politician who keeps his word

Zac is a politician who keeps his word and get things done. If he says he'll do it, he will. He is hard-working, accessible and quick to respond when constituents need him. You can vote for Zac right now if you have an un-used postal vote. Otherwise, polls open in:

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A stronger Britain


This election isn’t just about Brexit. It’s about who leads the country and what they want to deliver.

Theresa May is a strong and sensible leader who puts the national interest first and gets things done.

Now she needs your support to lead Britain through the Brexit negotiations and beyond, and give our community and the country the certainty and stability we need.

Theresa May has a Plan for a Stronger Britain. A Plan to build a stronger economy that rewards people who work hard and creates secure and well-paid jobs. A plan to give everyone a chance to get on in life by making sure there is a good school place for every child and building enough affordable housing; and creating a more secure and united nation and a global, outward-looking Britain.

Delivering for our schools

Schools must always be a core priority. Every single child deserves the best possible education.

Since the Conservatives took over in Richmond in 2010, they have invested record amounts of money into our local schools - well over £100m. We have substantially more primary places, excellent new SEN facilities and popular new sixth forms in all our secondaries – a policy that is bitterly opposed by the local Lib Dems.

Zac also campaigned to build a new secondary school in North Kingston against Lib Dem opposition. Since opening, Kingston Academy has been a huge success.

Our schools are some of the best in the country. But they are still facing big financial pressures. Zac will work hard for a fairer settlement for Richmond and Kingston schools.

The choice at this election

The choice at this election is stark. Do we want Theresa May to be able to lead our country through difficult times, supported by reasonable, liberal-minded MPs like Zac Goldsmith? Or do we want a coalition of Parties that disagree on the direction of our country and are committed to grinding government to a standstill?

This election is our chance to give Theresa May the support she needs in Parliament to make   decisions and negotiate in the whole national interest.

Richmond Park and North Kingston will be one of the few critical seats that decides the outcome of the election. Your vote will therefore be crucial.

The risk

We know that Theresa May is extremely likely to be our Prime Minister for the next five years. And we know that Brexit is a certainty. The challenge is delivering a Brexit that works for all.

If Theresa May wins the election - but with a small majority - her hands will be tied. She will be held to ransom by small factions across Parliament, from the Lib Dems who will attempt simply to block progress, to the hardliners in her own Party who will accept no compromise. 

The Lib Dems have already said they want to “grind” the business of government “to a standstill”. Other parties are making similar noises.

Supporting the health services

Zac has worked closely with local NHS leaders to stand up for local residents. He secured assurances from the Chair and Chief Executive of Kingston Hospital, that there were absolutely no plans for it to close - a falsehood the Lib Dems have long been peddling. Zac welcomed £3.7 million investment into a new primary and community care hub on the hospital site.

In Richmond, Zac launched a new GP hub, part of a scheme to enable every patient to get seven-day access to a family doctor. The new service will relieve some of the pressure on local NHS services, including Kingston Hospital.

Zac has continually pressed for more funding for care of the elderly to meet growing demands. If elected on June 8th, he will put renewed emphasis on dementia andhealth provision.

Why did you trigger a by-election and stand as an Independent?

When I was first selected as a local Parliamentary candidate, I promised people I would hold my Party to its promise to scrap the third runway, and that I’d resign if it didn’t. I can’t pretend there aren’t times I regret that promise, but it was a clear promise and it does politics no good at all if politicians lie. We saw that when the Lib Dems broke their most prominent promise regarding tuition fees and were then punished by voters.

Why are you now standing as a Conservative?

I did what I said I would do, because I was morally obliged to do so. But I am a Conservative, I believe in Theresa May and the Conservative approach, and I believe I have an important role to play in Parliament – particularly now. I don’t think there’s anyone else better placed than me to make sure we get a green Brexit, or that EU citizens are given the protection they need. 

Will you continue to fight Heathrow expansion?

Of course. It worries a great many people in our community, and it is so clearly the wrong answer, especially for the environment. Even though I lost the by-election, I set up a new coalition to ensure that my absence from Parliament could be filled by an effective organisation – and to help support the local Councils who are  challenging the Government’s decision in court. 

Is Heathrow a focus this time? What is different?

It is a big issue and I am determined to win the arguments. But Heathrow is not the defining issue for this election. This election is about leadership. Who do we trust to run the country, Theresa May, or a ragbag of fractured and difficult groups? I want Theresa May to win, and to have the space she needs to act in the national interest without being tripped up. If the Lib Dems claw their way back, the Government will be crippled at a critical time - and we will all lose. I want to be in Parliament to support her, and to fight for a Brexit that works for our community and the environment.

Are the Lib Dems right to say you back a hard Brexit?

No. The Lib Dems portray all Conservatives in those terms because it suits them to do so. I voted for Brexit, but took no part at all in the campaign. It was an extremely difficult decision, as there were good arguments on both sides. My priority since the referendum has been pressing Government to give EU nationals real assurances, and pressing the case for the environment. The absolute surest way to get a bad Brexit is to strip Theresa May of a working majority and putting her at the mercy of a tiny minority. 

And finally, why you?

I am proud of my record. I put my heart and soul into standing up for a community I love, and even my opponents acknowledge that I was effective. I got good things going, and stopped bad things from happening. I have never been afraid of speaking my mind, and people know that I keep my word, even where it is not in my interests to do so. 

Promoted by David Jones, on behalf of Zac Goldsmith, at 372 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 7JU.