CPF Supper Club: Shaping Global Britain IEA Free Market Economics Vision

Tuesday, 5th March 2019

Conservative Policy Forum Supper Club, Global Britain, Coombe HIll Golf Club

Shaping Global Britain: How we balance our future economic and strategic responsibilities in the world

We are honoured to be able to bring you a timely analysis of our Brexit Global Britain opportunity from the Institute of Economic Affairs senioreconomists 

Julian Jessop, IEA Chief Economist and Head of Brexit Unit

Robin Edwards, IEA Trustee and Founder of The Policy Exchange

Your input to the key CPF Questions below will be collated into a high profile document by Roger Metcalfe Deputy Party Director CPF and presented to the Secretaries of State for Defence, International Trade and International Development; CPF Chairman, George Freeman MP; and the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to have an input into policy development on the crucial topic of Brexit Global Britain with Q&A by Britain's leading economists. 

You cannot afford to miss this crucial briefing, Q&A, and chance to contribute to policy development on Global Britain.

Ticket cost: £48. Ticket includes dinner and glass of wine. 

Dinner Menu:

Coq Au Vin, Mash Potatoes, and Sweet Heart Cabbage or

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan Tuile (V)

Chocolate and Almond Torte with Vanilla Ice Cream

Keynote Speaker: Julian Jessop, IEA Chief Economist and Head of Brexit
Julian Jessop is Chief Economist and Head of the Brexit Unit at the IEA. He has over thirty years of experience as a professional economist in the public and private sectors, including senior positions at HM Treasury, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank. Prior to joining the IEA in 2017 he was a Director and Chief Global Economist at the leading independent consultancy, Capital Economics. Julian has a First Class degree in economics from Cambridge University and post-graduate qualifications in both economics and law.

Introduction: Robin Warwick Edwards FCA, IEA Trustee
Robin is a Chartered Accountant and Fund Manager who for fifteen years managed one of Europe’s largest global macro funds. Prior to entering the fund management industry Robin practised as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen LLC in London and as a management consultant in Australia.He is a former founder Trustee of Policy Exchange, a Trustee of the Institute of Economic Affairs.

CPF Paper 'Global Britain'

“The great prize for this country – the opportunity ahead – is to use this moment to build a truly Global Britain. A country that reaches out to old friends and new allies alike. A great, global, trading nation. And one of the firmest advocates for free trade anywhere in the world.” (Prime Minister Theresa May, 17 January 2017)

Global Britain

As Conservatives, we believe, among other values, in promoting freedom, enterprise and responsibility; in strong national defence, international cooperation and prioritising the vulnerable. For “Global Britain” to be more than a worthy aspiration, the slogan must be backed by substance.

Questions for discussion

1.What should a Conservative-led UK Government seek to achieve in the world? *

2.What is the UK’s unique selling point as a global player, and what should our commitments be to other countries? What should be the role of the Commonwealth? *

3.On what global issues can the UK have the biggest impact and exercise the most leverage?

4.How should we best target our resources? How should we best prioritise our aid commitments?

5.How can we give today’s school and college-leavers better exposure to the challenge and opportunities of the rapidly-growing “BRICS” economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)?

6.How can we help more UK companies export outside the EU? *

7.How might we balance our future economic, strategic and humanitarian needs and responsibilities in the world – in the areas of defence & security, soft power, diplomatic priorities, boosting trade, and international development?

8.What metrics could we use to measure the success of Global Britain?