CPF Sustaining Democracy with Chloe Westley and Dr. Syed Kamall MEP

Thursday, 21st March 2019

‘The Establishment view, as it stands, is that the majority of the population are too stupid or uneducated to stake a claim in Britain’s future.  They are there to work hard and provide tax and wealth to the state – but their opinions must not be heard.’ Chloe Westley, 11th December 2018

The Brexit vote in June 2016 was the biggest exercise in democratic participation in British history, yet many people hold Parliament in low esteem, and doubt that democracy in Britain today will help them achieve their life’s ambitions; more young people voted for a Marxist Labour Party in the General Election in 2017, than for any other party.  How can public faith in British democracy be rebuilt following Brexit?  Come and debate ‘Sustaining Democracy’ with Chloe Westley and Dr. Syed Kamall MEP on Thursday 21st March.  


  • Chloe Westley is the Campaign Manager for the Taxpayers’ Alliance and a columnist for Conservative Home.
  • Dr Syed Kamall MEP is Conservative Member of European Parliament for London.


  • Roger Metcalfe is Deputy Chairman of Kew Conservatives and Deputy Party Director of the Conservative Policy Forum.

Venue: 372 Upper Richmond West, East Sheen, SW14 7JU

Cost: FREE! (Please book your free ticket below)

Background on Chloe Westley, Campaign Manager Taxpayers' Alliance

Chloe has spent the last three years working on a variety of different political campaigns. A well-known face in Westminster, Chloe has built a reputation for being professional, approachable and ready to embrace modern forms of campaigning. After working as a Communications Officer for a Conservative Minister Chloe became the head of social media for Vote Leave, reaching millions of people through digital channels.

Following the referendum and in conjunction with other leading figures within the campaign, Chloe established “Change Britain” – a grassroots organisation set up to deliver the result that millions voted for. Chloe studied Philosophy at the University of London and in her spare time is completing a Certificate in Counter Terrorism Studies at the University of St Andrews.

Background on Dr Syed Kamall MEP, Conservative Member of European Parliament for London

Dr Syed Kamall MEP has represented London since 2005 as a Member of the European Parliament for the Conservative Party and is currently the Leader of the ECR Group in the European Parliament, and from 2013 till 2014 was the Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament.

Syed is passionate about tech and local community projects tackling poverty. In the European Parliament he is a member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs, Legal Affairs and International Trade Committees. He is also a contributor at the free market public policy think tank the Cobden Centre.