Our Economy is Strong: 5 Things You Need to Know

"Wages are growing faster than inflation for the fifteenth month in a row, thanks to the Conservatives."

The UK economy in 2019 is going strong – and the figures are out there yet again to prove it.

Zac Goldsmith MP hosts coffee morning in Barnes

On Friday 7th June, Zac Goldsmith MP hosted a coffee morning in Castelnau Library in Barnes. The meeting was well attended by 25 residents and Zac was joined by Barnes ward Councillors Rita Palmer and Aphra Brandreth, to discuss local issues with residents.

Why Labour’s Latest Housing Policy Will Cost You £374 a Year

Labour want to tell you they’ve released a raft of housing policies to address rising land prices in the UK. What they don’t want you to know is their plans involve a new national ‘progressive property tax’ on every home. That tax will cost you on average £374 more in tax every year. 

9 ways the UK economy has improved in 2019

The UK economy continues to grow under the Conservatives. GDP has grown for nine years straight, debt is falling, wages are rising, and going forward as a nation, we once again have genuine choices. Here are nine great facts about the UK economy in 2019.

Employment is at a record high.

Rodney Bennett (1934-2019)

Rodney Bennett, who represented South Richmond Ward as a councillor from 2002 to 2010 sadly passed away on Friday the 10th May. He had been in hospital after suffering a stroke.

UK jobs: There's a new record number of women in work

It's been revealed that there are now more women in work than ever before – and Britain's unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1974.

The number of women in work is at a record high of 15.42 million – over 1.79 million more women in work than in 2010.

Zac Goldsmith MP Hosts Under 25s Event in Parliament

On Monday 29th April, Zac Goldsmith MP hosted a group of young voters in Parliament to discuss local and national politics. The evening started with a guided tour followed by a talk and Q&A in a committee room in the Houses of Parliament.

Hammersmith Bridge Shambles: Labour Attempts to Pass the Buck

Residents in Barnes, Richmond and across South West London were shocked last night when the Hammersmith & Fulham Council abruptly and without warning shut Hammersmith Bridge indefinitely when ‘critical faults’ were discovered.