Conservative Councillors Pressing For Action on Hammersmith Bridge

Conservative Councillor Aphra Brandreth is working for you to get action and clarity on improvement works to Hammersmith Bridge. She recently asked the Cabinet Member for Transport, Streetscene and Air Quality ‘What is the Council doing to help residents impacted by temporary closures of Hammersmith Bridge’. 

Unfortunately the Lib Dem cabinet member’s response shows he thinks that the current level of communication for residents is sufficient! And he is offering no new ideas to deal with the uncertainty around the Bridge. It is outrageous that Richmond residents are the last to know, and given so little consideration, when it comes to the proposed work on Hammersmith Bridge. 

Your Conservative Councillors for Barnes Aphra Brandreth, Rita Palmer and Paul Hodgins are continuing to press for improved communication about Hammersmith Bridge closures. Whilst the Lib Dems have no suggestions on how to improve the current situation, the Conservative Group are calling for action – let Richmond Council take control of the management of Hammersmith Bridge alongside the allocated resources from Transport for London and Hammersmith and Fulham – we will put Richmond residents first.