Conservatives Call for an Emergency Council Meeting to Demand Toilets on our Greens

The Conservative Group on Richmond Council has called for an Emergency meeting of the Council to deal with the growing problem of a lack of public toilets in two key parts of the borough. In response to growing public pressure they believe that the Council must act now to resolve the problem.

Councillor Pamela Fleming says: “Today we have called on the Mayor to convene an emergency meeting of the Council to discuss a real emergency.   For a number of weeks now with no public toilets available, people have been urinating and defecating in public on both Richmond and Twickenham Green. The Leader of the Council has spoken about this public health crisis.  Yet his Council has flatly refused to provide portaloos.  Conservative Councillors believe it is time to put a stop to this and are standing up for local people who should not have to tolerate such an appalling situation.

But we also need toilets so people feel welcome when they shop and visit. There are no community toilet or hand washing facilities in Richmond. How are people who need regular access to toilets supposed to manage? Since Covid-19 the Community Toilet Scheme is no longer viable because independent businesses are struggling to cope with social distancing and hygiene requirements, so it's ridiculous for the Leader to continue to rely on it.

This initiative, supported by all Conservative Councillors is designed to ensure the Council meets in the next few days so that portaloos are in place before the Bank Holiday weekend."