Conservatives Urge The Council To Install Temporary Public Toilets In Richmond

The Conservative Group are urging the council to install temporary public toilet facilities in Richmond town centre. The current lack of public toilets has resulted in antisocial behaviour with reports of people urinating in shop doorways and behind bushes.

The lack of public toilet facilities is particularly challenging for some people who may need more regular access to toilets such as menstruating women, pregnant women and people with bladder related health problems. These people have effectively been shut out of visiting Richmond town centre for any length of time to visit the shops or green, because of the limited provision.

Washing hands is extremely important, and more than ever at this time, as we all work to limit the spread of Coronavirus, and the lack of public toilets also means a lack of facilities to wash hands. 

Cllr Pamela Fleming said: “I am dealing with regular complaints reporting anti-social behaviour such as people urinating in shop doorways in Richmond. Not only is this unhygienic, but the lack of toilet facilities is also extremely challenging for some residents. The community toilet scheme has been great but in these unprecedented circumstances where many of the usual community toilet options are closed, I urge the council to make appropriate provision to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to confidently visit Richmond and importantly somewhere to wash their hands”