Donated 3D Printed Masks Protecting Our Frontline Workers in Richmond

Data Reprographics Ltd, a graphics company that work for the film, theatre and TV industry, like many others had to temporarily close their business due to the lockdown. However following the national appeals for Personal Protection Equipment to protect front line workers, they decided to put their equipment to good use. With a team of volunteers behind them, within 10 days the company was supplying almost all major London and local hospitals with visors!

With over 500 volunteers, they have created and donated 9,000 full face visors to frontline and social care workers, helping to protect our heroes in the fight against Coronavirus. Reprographics have now gone one step further, offering over 100 masks to social workers entering peoples homes. The team are doing a fantastic job, but to keep going they have launched an appeal to help purchase the vital materials that they need to make the masks.

Anyone wanting to help this fantastic cause, please visit: