Lib Dems and Greens on Richmond Council vote down an amendment to significantly increase spending on actions to address Climate Change.

Last week’s Richmond Borough Council Meeting to agree the Budget saw the Liberal Democrat and Green Party, who have an electoral pact in Richmond and Twickenham, vote down an amendment put forward by the Conservative Group which would have increased spending on actions to address Climate Change by £1.5m. Meanwhile the Green Group put forward no suggested increase in climate change spending despite acknowledging that the Climate Change Action Plan was largely un-costed, with no way of knowing whether sufficient funding has been allocated. 

Cllr Aphra Brandreth spokesperson on finance for the Conservative Group said “The Conservative Group put forward a budget amendment which would have seen substantial increases in funding to meet climate change objectives as well as to support those on lower incomes adapt. If this Lib Dem administration is serious about tackling climate change then it means costing what needs to be done to ensure there is sufficient funding to make it happen. And, if this administration is truly about fairer finances for all, then they should be committing to ensuring that those who can least afford to make the changes necessary to reduce their environmental impact are given the support to do so.”