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East Sheen Transport Survey

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1. Have you been impacted by the surge in traffic congestion?
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On this scale of 1 to 10, 10 is hugely impacted and 0 is not very much
3. As part of Helen's plan for East Sheen, she's promising to work with Zac Goldsmith MP and TfL to ensure they complete the work on Hammersmith Bridge as quickly as possible. Is this a priority for you?
4. Would you support a campaign to introduce automatic number plate recognition traffic cameras to crack down on rat running and dangerous driving?
5. Tackling idling on Upper Richmond Road West and Sheen Lane is an important priority for Helen. Do you think anti-idling traffic wardens to monitor congested hot spots would help improve our air quality?
6. Are you aware of the new road signage that has been installed along such roads...
7. Do you think they have helped improve congestion in Sheen?
8. Would you support a campaign to remove these signs, and find alternative solutions?
9. Are there any other local issues you would like to raise?
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On the scale of 0-10, 0 means there would be no chance of you voting for the party and 10 means you would be absolutely certain to vote for the party.