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  • It is five years since Richmond and North Kingston elected Zac Goldsmith as our MP.
  • Patchwork Foundation voted Zac Goldsmith to be the most effective new Conservative MP in 2014. Local residents were not surprised.
  • Zac has been active in the community and listens to and supports residents. He holds regular surgeries which are always busy.
  • Heathrow expansion concerns most residents in the Constituency. Zac remains opposed to Heathrow’s proposals and works with local action groups.
  • Zac is active in both Richmond and Kingston and works closely with both Councils and local organisations.
  • Zac supports environmental action, such as Richmond’s Energy Smart campaign to help residents create a more a efficient housing stock.
  • For many residents, commuting is a daily necessity and Zac is active in following up their issues.
  • Zac’s support for Kew Gardens has helped change Government policy.
  • Conservative Future is the younger members’s branch of the Party, and work hard for Zac in Richmond and Kingston.
  • Zac stands for a clean environment and clean politics.

Association AGM Wednesday 25th February

Nearly 100 members attended the Association's Annual General Meeting at the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club in Richmond. The Chairman, leaders of both Richmond and Kingston councils, Zac Goldsmith MP and members of the Association's Officer team were all present to present thier reports on various aspects of 2014 as well as to observe the future challenges and hopes for the coming year. The club, as always, provided an excellent buffet with drinks following the meeting and we would like to thank the staff for all their work. 

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