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  • Five years ago, Richmond and North Kingston elected Zac Goldsmith as their representative. In May of this year, they re-elected him with a much increased majority.
  • Patchwork Foundation voted Zac Goldsmith to be the most effective new Conservative MP in 2014. Local residents were not surprised.
  • Zac has been active in the community and has listened to and supported residents. He has held regular surgeries which have always been busy.
  • Heathrow expansion concerns most residents in the Constituency. Zac remains opposed to Heathrow’s proposals and works with local action groups.
  • Zac is active in both Richmond and Kingston and works closely with both Councils and local organisations.
  • Zac supports environmental action, such as Richmond’s Energy Smart campaign to help residents create a more a efficient housing stock.
  • For many residents, commuting is a daily necessity and Zac is active in following up their issues.
  • Zac’s support for Kew Gardens has helped change Government policy.
  • Conservative Future is the younger members’s branch of the Party, and work hard for Zac in Richmond and Kingston.
  • Zac stands for a clean environment and clean politics.

Constituents support Zac’s bid for Mayor of London


Statement from Father Martin Hislop,
Chairman of Richmond Park Conservatives
and Returning Officer for Zac Goldsmith
Mayoral Consultation Ballot.

As the Chairman of the Richmond Park & North Kingston Conservative Association and Returning Officer for Zac Goldsmith’s London Mayoral Ballot initiative, I am pleased to announce the following results:

  • Ballots sent: 77,071
  • Ballots received by the deadline: 19,890
  • Turnout: 25.8%  

The question posed was: "Do you give your consent to Zac Goldsmith to stand for election to be Mayor of London?"

The Response:

  • YES: 15,802 (79%)
  • NO: 3,569 (18%)
  • Don’t Know: 503 (2%)
  • Spoiled Ballots: 16 (<1%)

I’d like to thank everybody who took part in this ballot. Nearly 20,000 residents have responded, which is a high turnout by any measure, and a big mandate for our MP to enter the Mayoral race. The Richmond Park and North Kingston Association is also very proud that our Member of Parliament took the unprecedented step of consulting his constituents first, before taking the decision to run for the London Mayoralty.     

Martin Hislop

Zac for Mayor - Consultation Exercise

Dear Friend,

As a Member of the local Conservative Association I wanted to write to you about my interest in seeking our Party's nomination for the Mayoralty.

Since the election, I have been approached by many people in and outside of our Party urging me to put my name forward to be the Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of London.
On many issues, the Mayoralty would allow me to take many of the campaigns I have been focusing on right across the capital- from stopping Heathrow  expansion to promoting thriving high streets. I also believe London needs a Mayor who can work with Government to get the resources that London needs to deal with massive pressures on housing, transport and policing, but is also strong enough to stand up to the Government when it gets things wrong.
Even on broader issues like improving London's environment and mending our politics, the Mayoralty can be a huge platform for change, and as someone who entered politics to make a difference, I would of course love the opportunity to take up these challenges.
However - largely down to the very hard work of our local Members like you - I have just been re-elected as your MP and I would not attempt to seek my Party's nomination without a clear mandate from my constituents. I understand that there will be mixed opinions, and I have therefore sent out a letter to   all local voters, along with a freepost ballot. If when it returns a majority of my constituents indicate that they would prefer me not to stand, clearly I would respect that completely.

You and your neighbours should receive your letters and postal ballots over the next few days. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch and let me know your thoughts.
Very best wishes,
Zac Goldsmith