About us

The Richmond Park and North Kingston (RPNK) Conservative Association is one of the largest and most active in the country. We have a regular programme of exciting social and networking events and we organise political campaigning across the Constituency and the Boroughs.


The RPNK Constituency is divided into 11 Wards – 7 on the Richmond side and 4 in North Kingston – each run by its own Committee. The Association is run by volunteers, comprising a Chairman and Executive Council and it operates out of an office in East Sheen. There are 2 professional staff: the Agent and the Association Manager. The Borough of Richmond is represented by Councillors elected by the voters of Richmond and Twickenham, so in the Local Elections, our Association works closely with the Twickenham Association to campaign on behalf of the Borough’s candidates. (For the Richmond Borough website please see: https://www.richmondboroughconservatives.org.uk)

We also support the activities of the Kingston and Surbiton Conservatives when we can.


Both during and between election campaigns we collect and analyse views on local issues and keep residents up to date with the successes of elected Conservatives that improve their communities. We organise regular canvassing sessions, street stalls and Action Days in which we rely on the support of supporters from all Wards.


We hold a variety of social events throughout the year which are open to members and non-members alike. These draw high-profile guest speakers and provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and help us to raise the funds we need to win elections.


We encourage all Conservative supporters who live or work in the constituency to attend our events, join our Association and become actively involved in our work.

Policy Development

We have an active Conservative Policy Forum Group which organises a full programme of discussions and speaker meetings to debate the key issues facing Britain and the world. We also have a member to link to the Conservative Women’s Organisation and an Additional Officer whose role is to encourage the involvement of younger members.