Conservative Councillors request Richmond Council's Adult Community Learning Provision is brought to the policy and performance review board after the most recent Ofsted inspection finds provision 'inadequate'

In February 2020 the Council’s Adult Community Learning provision was inspected by Ofsted, its first inspection since Richmond Council took over responsibility for provision.  The final report rating the service as “Inadequate” was brought to Richmond Council’s Finance, Policy & Resources Committee last Thursday for discussion.  Cllr Pamela Fleming, Conservative Councillor for South Richmond, who was sitting on the Committee said:-  

“This report was delayed because of Covid-19 and I recognise that in the interim steps have been taken to begin implementing the Inspector’s recommendations, including transferring service delivery to Richmond Hillcroft Adult Community College.  Although the numbers of people accessing the service are relatively small, they are some our most vulnerable residents.  At the previous inspection in 2016 it was graded as “Good” and I am concerned about the decline since the Council took over responsibility for provision from Achieving for Children in 2019.   It is particularly worrying that governance and safeguarding measures as well as the curriculum strategy are criticised and I am pleased the Committee agreed my suggestion that the matter be referred to the Policy & Performance Board for further scrutiny.”