Why Won't The Lib Dem Administration Get On & Repair The Borough's Roads & Pavements?

Why won't the Lib Dem administration get on and repair the Borough's roads and pavements? Pavements, Road Maintenance and Parking Services remain the service areas that Richmond residents most commonly describe as poor in the latest survey of resident views

Yesterday's Finance, Policy and Resources Committee discussed the results of the 2019 Richmond Residents' Survey.  The  survey results saw the service areas that residents most commonly describe as poor in 2019 are pavement maintenance (35%), road maintenance (28%) and parking services (26%). Despite these service areas being identified as needing improvement back in the 2017 survey, the Lib Dem administration has still failed to address the issue.

Cllr Seamus Joyce, Conservative spokesperson for Transport on Richmond Council, said "The Conservative Group set out a clear and comprehensive plan to repair all the roads and pavements in the borough. We committed to this in our 2018 manifesto and proposed it again at this year's budget council. It is entirely possible but the Lib Dem administration continue to ignore the scale of the issue, and residents rightly continue to express their views on the poor maintenance of the Borough's roads and pavements."