Zac Goldsmith, Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and North Kingston

Member of Parliament for Richmond Park & North Kingston
Zac Goldsmith was born in 1975, and grew up in Richmond where he has lived for most of his life. He was first elected MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston in 2010. He was subsequently re-elected in 2015 with the biggest increased majority of any MP in the country.

Cllr Rita Palmer - Barnes

Rita has lived in Barnes with her husband Adrian for 22 years.  They have four daughters. She is a proud grandmother to 7 grandchildren.  Before she retired in 2014 she worked in London prisons as a Forensic Therapist for 15 years. 

Cllr Brian Marcel - East Sheen

Brian Marcel has lived in East Sheen for 35 years and is the current Opposition spokesman for business, employment, economics and digital.

Cllr Seamus Joyce - East Sheen

Seamus is regularly out and about across East Sheen listening and resolving local issues. His background in Licensing and Noise have already proved useful in the Ward.